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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking an event can be cumbersome and you might find yourself in a pickle! That's why we created a page dedicated to our most frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease and help your booking experience become a breeze!

What are your business hours?

AA Entertainment & Events is open during normal business hours,

9am-5pm seven days a week!

Business Hours

What areas do you service?

AA Entertainment & Events services Suffolk County, Nassau County, and New York Metropolitan area!

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How do I book an event?

Booking an event has never been easier! You can call us, email us or fill out your information here on our website. We have professional event planners happy to assist you with your entertainment package, organize and work out the details of your event, and answer any additional questions you may have!

How long in advance should I book my event?

We highly recommend you book your event at least 4-6 weeks in advance. This timing guarantees your event is ensured for the desired date, time, and entertainment for your upcoming event! Booking 2 weeks or less may result in a crunch time fee.

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Can I extend the time of my event on the day of my event?

Although these requests are made frequently, we unfortunately do not offer same day event extensions. To prevent this possibility, simply booking in advance offers the security of your event. On the occasion when we do have the availability, we try our best to accommodate. We ask that you take the time when booking to consider the entertainment needed and the entertainers working to make your event memorable. Extra time for an event is never a bad thing!

Who are our DJ/MC Entertainers?

Our DJ/MC Entertainers are primarily young male adults to middle aged men ranging from 25-35 years of age. Our DJ's are trained professionals with years of experience, are passionate about the music they produce, and are still young enough to be relatable with clientele for any event.

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Who are our Entertainers?

Our Entertainers are primarily women ranging from 17-35 years of age. Our performers are professional, enthusiastic, and experienced with backgrounds in musical theater, child care, teaching or are mothers themselves. AA Entertainment & Events only hires qualified candidates with references that give you piece of mind.

Are "Entertainers" and "Clowns" the same thing?

Technically, yes! But the word "clown" does not represent our entertainers correctly. We live in a modern age where children don't want a traditional clown, but still love the entertainment aspect of one. AA Entertainment & Events has created a perfect mix of cute and colorful performers with all the fun elements of a clown. Entertainers wear colorfully minimal, tasteful makeup where parents and children alike can see their faces clearly at all times. No scare factor here!

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Are your Entertainers trained?

Yes! All of our entertainers are trained by AA Entertainment & Events. Our performers specialize in face painting, balloon animals, current dances, and more! A health and safety operation course is mandatory with all of our concession machines as well such as our Cotton Candy Machine, Popcorn Machine, Bubble Machine, etc.

What age group do you target for Entertainer parties?

We as a company are extremely versatile and adaptable that we are confident in entertaining any age group! Our children's entertainment packages are designed to delight and excite children ranging from 1-13 years of age.

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Are Entertainer packages customizable?

We are happy to announce that AA Entertainment & Events can customize any children's birthday party you're planning at no additional cost to you! As long as the elements of the party or activity is of equal time and value, we'd love to help you take out certain activities to extend others or swap activities from other packages to suit your liking.

Is there a deposit fee? If so, how much is it?

Yes, a deposit is required to book your event. The deposit fee of 50% of the event total. The deposit must be paid at time of booking in order to secure desired date and time slot. The remaining balance is due the day of the event in cash.

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What is the cancellation policy?

If for any reason you no longer require our services, please let us know 72 hours before your event. Anytime after that time window, we cannot refund your deposit. If you'd like to reschedule to a later date and time that works, we'd be happy to accommodate.

I don't see a question I have, how can I reach you?

You can reach us by giving us a call between our normal business hours! We are also active on our Facebook Page to access our online chat! If you are contacting us outside of those hours, feel free to email us  and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Nothing is more important to us than our clients satisfaction.

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